1. Getting Started

In this class, Dan will cover the concept of the 1031 Exchange and basic strategies he has written about in Kiplinger and U.S. News and World Report and used to guide hundreds of clients in building wealth in real estate around the use of the 1031 Exchange and the Delaware Statutory Trust.

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2. Rules of A 1031 Exchange – Part 1

Dan dives deep into the Rules of a 1031 Exchange and the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). He provides insight into ways investors use this trust to their advantage. He also shares the personal story of Sara, a client, and how these strategies changed her life.

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3. Rules of A 1031 Exchange – Part 2

Dan uncovers key strategies and tactics for using these tools for your 1031 Exchange. Dan covers the do's and don'ts, risks with 1031 Exchanges, Qualified Intermediaries, Debt Replacement, DST strategies, and timeline requirements.

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4. Delaware Statutory Trust Strategies

This class is a deep dive into the Delaware Statutory Trust. Dan illustrates how an actual investor used the DST to their advantage. This one tool has helped many investors and Dan will help you add this tool to your toolbox.

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5. What is a 1031 Exchange?

The 1031 Exchange is one of THE MOST important parts of our tax code. In this class, Dan teaches about the 1031 Exchange concept, the rules and regulations and what you must know to be a more successful and confident real estate investor.

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