1. Qualified Opportunity Zones

Dan drills down into why many investors are considering Qualified Opportunity Zones as perhaps one of the best tax-smart opportunities in a generation.

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2. 1031 Exchange vs. Opportunity Zone

Dan address three areas: First, the window of opportunity to take advantage of the OZ legislation, second, when should you consider a 1031 Exchange versus an Opportunity Zone, and third, a look at case study examples that address the question: "Should I go ahead and pay my taxes now if I think tax rates may be going up in the future?"

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3. Due Diligence & How to Vet Your Investment Opportunities

Dan takes you for a close look at due diligence and how to vet your investment opportunities.

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4. Tax-Smart Strategies and Information

In this class dan discusses tax-smart planning. Also, Dan covers what investors need to understand about some OZs entity structure -- including the nuances, and pros and cons.

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